About Us


"It's a story of dedication and passion for Tuscan craftsmanship passed down through time."

Bea Meriggi is a new brand that faces the digital world offering handmade products belonging to the Italian tradition. Beatrice Meriggi is the creator and founder of the brand Bea Meriggi,  which was born within the family business producing leather clothing since 1980. Thanks to her cultural and educational background, the company dedicates a lot of time to the research of materials and a careful attention to the small details of manufacturing with a great production capacity.

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Quality lasts forever

Bea Meriggi's idea is simple: to create products that can be worn forever, High Quality, #Made in Tuscany, paying attention to the smallest details of manufacturing and cutting.

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Between Innovation and Tradition

 The vast quantity of refined garments offered by the company allows the choice of various models: coats, short and long jackets, bikers and Nappa leather jackets which are given a new interpretation. Innovation and tradition meet, Bea Meriggi reworks the use of leather garments in a contemporary way, adapting them to the needs of the moment but, at the same time, respecting the tradition.


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 The Double Face

The models par excellence that are proposed in all samples are the Reversible. Indispensable for every occasion, the Double Face are jackets and coats that can be worn either on the suede side or on the leather side. Thanks to the versatility of the Double Face, not only you will have a garment made of two quality materials, but you will contribute to the recovery and less waste of raw materials, protecting the environment and nature. 

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